Henry Walker Pet Sitting

Hello, I'm Henry.

I am 10 years old and have always loved dogs so I decided to pet sit (but if my dad wasn't who he is today I would never have gotten this far, so a big thanks to him). I also love reading and writing so other than being a vet when I grow I might also write books. Although I have had a few misconseptions with dogs, I will always love them and there wonderful owners. Good bye for now, I hope you come to your senses and talk to me about petsitting.

Your Loving pet sitter,

PS. No matter the dog I will always love them.
Pss. I will not buy them food.
Psss. I also like movies and video games.

Henry's Favorites
Travels easily. Sophie the Cakes
Loves snacks (and stealing stuffed animals). Nalla (The Burglar) M.
Nicest and quietest. Bella M.

EMAIL HENRY - henry@walker.dog

Pet sitting and walking services provided weekday afternoons and on weekends.